Hay fever & Air Purification

Hello All,

We all suffer from hay fever but this year it seems to be much worse. I realise that it’s the joy of living in the countryside but this year my daughter has been so bad she’s been in bed several days.

We tried the majority of anti-histamines on offer but they only seem to make us very drowsy.

I had thought of giving air purifiers a go but wondered if anyone has one already and did it make any difference?

I thought this looked OK -

but you have to keep buying replacement filters - how long do they last as they seem expensive to me??

Otherwise if anyone has found an anti-histamine that works well I would appreciate any feedback.

Many thanks!

Might be an idea to have her checked out by the Doc… just to properly evaluate.

The doc will also know about new kit available and possibly new medications

My OH uses Cetirizine for occasional hay fever. Drowsiness is a side-effect but it seems to be less so than for older anti-histamines.

I used to have terrible, terrible hayfever resulting in having to lie down with a cold, wet cloth on my face most afternoons to stop myself wanting to claw my eyes out from the itching! After moving to France 20 years ago I couldn’t afford to buy the GBP1 / day whatever it was I used to take. I’d read that homeopathic remedies can be good so I picked up a pack of ‘Rhinallergie’ from the pharmacy. The first year I had to take them up to 6 x / day (or whatever the max was) but as each year went by I needed less and less. I now take the very odd one, maybe 5 over each spring. apparently taking anti-histamines can undo the good work so I"ve not touched them since. Non-drowsy too. If your poor daughter is in bed from it the A-Hs aren’t working too well so may be worth a try if you like the more natural route!

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A freind of ours went through a désensibilisation programme for her hay fever and general allergic rhinitis. Took about 6 months I recall, but seems to have worked.

It was prise en charge, not sure the percentage.

If you were taking a homeopathic remedy less and less then clearly it should have been getting more and more effective :slight_smile:

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Many thanks to everyone that’s replied. We’re going to try the Homeopathic route at Tory’s suggestion & see how it goes. Very grateful for all the comments.

Anyone purchased an Air Purification system? We thought it may be good for overnight???


I offer to chuck one of those pillules in my pool and let whoever come and drink it but it doesn’t go down well… should be superultramega effective though.

My family and I use cetirizine and it doesn’t make us drowsy at all. The disadvantage is you can buy only a maximum of 2 packs of 7 tablets for about 4.50€ so I buy packets of 100 in Germany for 12€.

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I purchased an air purification system for my wife who suffers from hay fever and dust.
She finds that it helps a lot, particularly overnight.

Many thanks Nigel - looks very interesting!

Hi, I have severe pollen allergy and an oversensitive airway and for years have suffered badly with hayfever, that effects my eyes, nose, throat and lungs. On a specialist’s advice I take relatively high doses of Loratadine and a steroidal nasal spray. They help but are not 100% effective. For me, the most effective item is a face mask with a pollen filter. Afer 15-20 minutes with the mask on, breathing non-pollinated air, my symptoms completely alleviate. From memory the mask cost less than £20 from Amazon. I can’t guarantee it will work for your daughter, but I suggest giving it a try.
[btw I buy Loratadine on-line from ChemistDirect - 360 tablets for £12.99 plus £3.95 postage]

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I used to suffer terribly with hayfever. I was especially allergic to the pollen from lime trees. Eventually someone told me to take local honey, it must be local to where you live. I took honey for breakfast, honey for tea, honey drinks. My hayfever disappeared after about a week and did not return that summer. I have had no problem since so long as I keep taking the honey. I have been doing this for 30 years. I usually start taking it in February and continue throughout the summer and into early autumn. It also worked for my husband when he started getting hayfever. I hope this will help you. It is certainly much better than popping those horrible pills.

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