Does anyone know the name of a French equivalent to the English beconase nasal spray for hayfever? I am suffering terribly!

My husband Jim takes a teaspoon of our neighbour’s honey every day and says that it is very effective. It is meant to improve your immunity against local pollens. It can’t get more local, because we see his bees in our garden!!

Thanks for that - will try with sneezing daughter!

Hi for anyone interested in incredibly effective relief from hayfever I would highly (bold underline caps etc!) recommend nettle capsules. Have to be the freezedried nettle leaves, ideally you start taking them a month or so before the season hits but will work just as well on a daily basis. Can find them on www.biovea.fr or .co.uk for decent discounts if you buy large amounts (though they’re priced pretty decently even if you only buy one pack) and their benefits are manyfold - not just for hayfever.

As I get it really badly I take 2 caps as soon as I get up and as needed throughout the day, sometimes one more mid-afternoon.

Is it just me or did the season hit particularly early this year? Usually around beginning of June for me but I was absolutely useless end April!


Hope this helps!

Xyzal works well for me too and after 40 years, I 've pretty much tried every remedy going. It is prescription only though but many pharmacists will sell you it if you ask nicely. If you look at the box it has a red stripe on it, I think it runs through the name of the product and that means it is prescription only.

Both Hubby and I are using AERIUS tablets and we did manage to get Beconase here a couple of years ago but I can’t remember if it was on prescription or not. Hubby has just said try asking for Nasacort spray. Hope this helps.

You can get flixonase - but i think it may be prescription only - ask your local pharmacy

I got my husband a spray called HUMEX for Rhumes Des Foins (Hayfever), he recommends it. He also has tablets that are taken at night, just one.
Hope it works for you too

If you go to your pharmacy and ask for something containing beclometasone, they should be able to help hyou.