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Following the news from the NATO meeting it appears that Starmer has given Ukraine the green light to hit anywhere in Russia with British weapons. Is this bravado from the new kid on the block or is he just plain stupid? I voted for him as he came across as a sensible leader, but apparently not. I should have been suspicious when he wouldn’t support a ceasefire in Gaza, but I thought that would be due to influence from his jewish wife. I was hoping that he’d be one of those calling for peace, negotiations and ceasefire to stop the senseless killing. Maybe the US hawks already have him in their pocket. So disappointed.

British missiles can be used for defensive strikes in Russian territory. I’d rather it wasn’t happening at all but Putin needs to be deterred.


Its called “be careful what you wish for.” Is Starmer just plain stupid !! They put a thing in charge of Womens things who cant define what a woman is. The mind boggles.


Yesterday’s news was full of the tragedy of the children’s hospital in Ukraine and Russia’s callous ‘targeting’ of the hospital. The shrapnel from the missile was identified as being made in Norway, not Russia or Iran or China. Make of that what you will.

Suggest you read this, from a more reliable source than Tass

The ‘shrapnel’ wasn’t ‘made in Norway’ the missile contained some micro-processors of a Norwegian design that was originally intended for civilian use.


You have a fair point, but my info was not from Tass or any other russian source. As much as this war is about bullets & bombs its also a propaganda war which is enormously weighted in favour of the US/west for the population to soak up, so I believe little or nothing that comes from the mainstream media, which, like the president, are bought & paid for and all dissenting voices or views are silenced and given no air or media time.

That is an increasingly common thing for some people to say. But how do you verify what your non-MSM sources are telling you? It’s quite a pertinent point, given how easily Russian and Chinese state-sponsored spreaders of disinformation are able to insert their disinformation into that sort of source.

So how do you verify your information?

(NB Tass was indeed one of the sources which reported the fake Norwegian missile claim.)


It’s quite simple, I don’t believe 80% from east or west media, as they all try to out do each other. I find TRT a reasonable news programme to replace the banned RT, but the whole news/media syndrome is very Orwellian. You’re probably better informed watching Coronation Street. All the media have their own agenda and add bits of truth like seasoning on veg. Most of the media is now so politically biased it doesn’t rate in my view.

Just as a footnote, why was RT banned immediately before the start of the war. We are now brainwashed by what the US/ west wants you to believe with no recourse to an opinion from the other side. Please don’t say because RT is politically motivated, because they all are.

Is that TRT Russian? Hosted by Turkish tv station TRT?

I confess I think it’s a bizarre choice (but I think that about RT too). Why do you think it’s more reasonable than the rest?

And what criteria do you use to choose the other 20%?

TRT is a Turkish news programme in English, not Russian. TRT gives a different slant on world news whether it’s Ukraine, Gaza, climate change, interviews or whatever. TRT poses the questions that are taboo in the western media.

Wherever we get our information from I think there is no doubt that Russia invaded a neighbour with no justification and whether by evil intent or sheer incompetance regularly hits all sorts of civilian buildings.

Much the same could be said of Israel. Only difference is that their invasion of Palestinian lands took place 70 odd years ago.


There’s a lot of journalistic questions in Turkey that are too dangerous to pose. TRT is the state broadcaster of a regime with a notorious record of journalistic suppression and imprisonment.

I think you need to read this before slagging off Western media.

Drop in jailed Turkish journalists belies a long-simmering press freedom crisis - Committee to Protect Journalists.


I do find it amusing that some conspiracy theorists will slag off mainstream media as being biased and untrustworthy but throw them a crumb from a random grifter on YouTube or a despot-funded news source and they’re after it like a rat up a drainpipe.


Usually a mix of bias confirmation and a desire to be ‘right’ regardless of facts - if there is no truth then no-one can be proved wrong.

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But what is MSM John? Can one define it, are there metrics? I think MSM is now Facebook, Twitter, Truth Social or any other dingbat online “information” source. That’s where people are getting their news and opinions. Even the outlets we older folk might consider MSN are lying bastards, the Telegraph, The Mail, The Express, the Sun, the Mirror and on and on. Without even touching on the US “MSN” :joy:. Even the BBC, who I respect, have been subtly biased for as long as I can remember. For example, when we first lived in France back in the early eighties every time there was bad news about the British economy it was always followed immediately by a piece explaining fallaciously that things were somehow worse in… France, Germany, wherever. Just to make the proles feel better at home. “We may be buggered Pet, but them (insert nationality here) have it worse”. Orwell would have loved it :blush:.

That’s an oxymoron Plod :slightly_frowning_face:

As you’ve just demonstrated, those who “have done their research” typically define it as the legacy print and broadcast media, preferring their own niche crank instead. Mostly they prefer the lies that they agree with.