Headlice nightmare!

Since 5th September I have been fighting a one woman battle, me against the creepy crawlies in my children’s hair. After having to write off 3 hours today treating the three of us (yes, I got it too - uggh) just so that my littlest didn’t have to miss out on a birthday party … I started to feel very fed up at having so much family time hijacked by these beasties. I am I alone out there with this problem - I wish the french would sort this out, or perhaps they don’t realise this is a uniquely french epidemic?? My kids have been to two french schools, and three english schools. No prizes for guessing which ones were rife with headlice. I love the french and the french way of life, but I really resent the non-stop pillow rotation and constant combing that goes with living here. I would much rather be out there enjoying the sunshine. Rant over!!

Lyclear does work but you can’t get it in France :frowning:

Have you tried a chemical solution such as a permethrin based lotion / condition or shampoo we used to use lyclear in the UK & it worked fine

The nit comb is 20…so way cheaper!

Mine was bought in Boots and I think (?) is own brand. good luck! x

Just bought Pouxit - 16euros for a tiny bottle of lotion!

I have tried all these things except the electric comb. Believe me the kids hate in when they have to get their coats out of the freezer on a cold morning… I add lavender to their shampoo, and drops on their collars. The problem is that as soon as you get rid of them, they catch them again. The cuddlies go in the wash, the pillows have anti mite covers on and two pillow cases. The duvet covers get turned the other way around. The treatment I use is olive oil with lavender and tea trea added. It suffocates the small ones, then I comb out the big ones and the nits, and it works really well, killing everything in one go, but it is time consuming and messy. I am interested in the electric comb. I never bought one because I was told they don’t work … is there a brand you can recommend? It’s only October, but I am already tired and fed up. The kids started the summer holidays with head lice, which I got rid of, only for them to catch it again at the Centre Loisir in August, then again continously since term started last month.

Prevention is better than cure … My daughter has enough hair for five people so as you can imagine Head lice are a nightmare … Trendy head scarves helped me no end … The day she didn’t wear it for a photo, back came nitty nora…also have you tried the prevention sprays

You need an electric nit comb as sold in Boots. Only thing that worked on mine and much cheaper in the long run. Plus it makes a really satisfying noise when you zap em!!

Yes there are nits in the UK but the problem is much worse here - I suspect because the products are more expensive so many mums simply don’t bother treating them :frowning:

Work in English schools and it’s not just a French problem. Head lice letters sent out regularly - bring back nitty nora the school nurse.

tea tree oil they hate it