Health Alert tag, bracelet or whatever

Recently we had an instance of someone with a real medical problem, who was not wearing the appropriate “medical info dentification”. (It was lying in a drawer… or somewhere.)

A&E did their usual sterling work… but, were totally ignorant of the possible consequences …and the patient was in no state to explain/discuss.

Thankfully, in this instance it all turned out OK… but… please, if this rings any bells re your own medical situation… please do get yourself sorted.


Guilty as charged! However, it is all on my phone lock screen as I have the medical ID app.

I have from time to time wondered what the French equivalent of ICE is, and whether like in the UK paramedics are encouraged to check phones for medical information as well as emergency contacts. Never got round to asking tho’, so do you know?

I do also have a dog “home alone” card in my wallet…

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of how they deal with their own medical information…

but, none of us can tell how, where or when an emergency will arise…

Following the horrible (almost tragic) happenings of last week… I felt it worth reminding folk …that if you’re meant to be wearing “it”… not to do so might prove fatal. 'nuff said. :zipper_mouth_face:

It was a good reminder…

Having the app on my 'phone makes me forget about it, but if the french aren’t accustomed to looking at phones then the old fashioned approach is probably best.

My first-aid training did not teach me to look for a phone… but to examine the “body” for signs of what is or what might be wrong etc…finding a bracelet/tag within moments would seem to be a good thing.

And generally speaking, if the medics want the info available to all in times of crisis…and advise the wearing of bracelet/tag… that advice would seem to be worth following. :zipper_mouth_face:

It seems in UK you are also advised to look for a phone as a complement to medi-alert items - and particularly for younger people these seems logical.

Mmmm… depends on how many people are present… how many pairs of hands are available to help…

but, as I say… it is up to the person/patient concerned. No skin off my nose… except that last week I nearly lost a good friend… :zipper_mouth_face:

As a diabetic i have a special bracelet with the details if i forget to wear it i do have a diabetic reference card which i keep in my handbag

As I have outlined in my postings… it is up to the individual to decide whether or not it is worth wearing…I suppose it all depends on the severity/importance of the medical condition.

The person who nearly died last week, partly due to the fact that the bracelet did not alert emergency staff NOT to do a basic procedure… that person is now wearing said bracelet and glad to be alive and able to do so… :relaxed:

If my post helps just one person… that will keep me happy… :relaxed:

of course it is up to the person to use or not to use a would be an excellent idea for the medical staff and the families concerned to encourage the patient to use it.i have been considering using a bracelet for if i fall , my OH is nearly blind and deaf so he wouldnt be able to help but i could help him if he falls.

Thanks for this post Stella! It has galvanised me to finally order myself one. Xx

O Catharine… you make it all worth while. :relaxed:


Got one here