Health and Happiness

It's been a hell of a 2 weeks - Dad is feeling a little better, he's been transferred from Intensive Care, through into the High Dependency Post Op ward. He's in immense pain but they managed to get the tumour out whole along with 3 vertebrae so we are all extremely grateful that the surgery went well and he has a fighting chance now of recovery. He is like a cat with 9 lives. This is his second major cancer op in 5 years but he is a real fighter and already joking with us about hospital food which he keeps trying to secretly pass off each time my hubby visits him.

Mum in law is living with us at the moment in our 2 bedroom flat in London :) so that hubby can get her up to Oxford after work every other day to see Dad. 5 of us are sleeping in one bedroom which is actually easier than it sounds, it does look funny though, we have a bunk bed, a cot, a junior bed and a pull out full size single truckle & mattress in a tiny room - not surprisingly nothing else will fit in there except the beds! It reminds me of camping and actually I quite like sleeping in the same room as all 3 girls, I have an excuse to give them all a big kiss when I go to bed without worrying that I'd be disturbing them and I like hearing them snoozing, each breathes in a slightly different tone which is lovely.

After Izzy's incident last week, thankfully she has recovered amazingly well and only has a chipped tooth to show for it, I am once again thinking how lucky we are to have 3 great kids. We've been stressed a bit lately (not surprising I'm sure you'd agree!) and I had started to raise my voice a little too much for my liking and mountains were being made out of molehills. It had crept up on all of us. I sounded too much like my Dad which I didn't want. So after reading my Happy Kids Happy You book I'm back in a good place. Yesterday I made a huge effort not to raise my voice and it paid dividends, all 3 girls seemed much better behaved and I was much calmer - perhaps its all about perspective. Anyway speaking of my Dad, I got the message that he'd been in A&E too this week but thankfully he should be ok in a week or so.

So that's health covered...what about happiness? Well today we found 5p on the bridge on the way to Nursery, I said the little rhyme, see a penny pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck. Jasmine said but Mummy it's 5p, so I said ok let's share it. We all took it in turns to share the 5p and share the luck. Maisy certainly took advantage of her penny of luck and decided to take 13 steps for the first time...she walked. Then not content with that, she waved goodbye to Daddy and Nanny off to hospital and said bye bye at the same time all for the first time. Well that's my happiness brimming over for the day. I thought I'd share it with you, I'm sat here smiling watching her walking happily backwards and forwards extremely pleased with herself.

So if you have had a bad week or few, share some of my luck. I wish you health and happiness. It's all that really matters everything else is just noise.

Glad you have good things to enjoy.

thanks Brian, I haven't mentioned my latest architect dilemma....that's just one thing too many at the moment. i'll blog about it later

Heh Suz, how about the 'Fitzgerald Guide to Surviving Multiple Crises and Disasters', I reckon you will make your fortune that way ;-)

Seriously though, good to hear things are pulling together because until 2012 I had never been pulled through the grinder myself and now empathise entirely. 'It never rains, but it pours' sometimes becomes a truism rather than just a proverb. So yes, wish you all the very best of health and lots of happiness. xx

That's lovely Suz and so true. So glad to hear your Dad is doing ok. xx