Health care "at home" in France for students studying abroad

I have two boys who are at university in the UK, and as such happily registered with GPs over there. What I have never been sure about though is what happens when they are back in France during the holidays. They don't spend a lot of time here now, the occasional week or two here or there, but in the summer I think one will be here for two months and the other for a month.

Do I need to get them a basic mutuelle? Does the CPAM need to do anything or be told anything exactly? They both have a Carte Vitale, though I suspect they are not up-to-date.

Anyone else in this situation, and if so what did you do? Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

I went to the CPAM today in search of an answer to my question. It turns out it's surprisingly straightforward.

People who go to another EU country (at the time of writing, the UK falls into that category) to study are enrolled as students in the healthcare system of their host country. Therefore as a consequence they stop having rights in their home country, in our case France.

What my boys need to do then is to get E111 cards from the NHS to use in case they need to see a doctor while they are on holiday here.

It's pretty much as simple as that. In the case that they do actually need to see a doctor we'll see how it all plays out. But in theory at least that is where they stand. So no need for a mutuelle here.