Health care cover

Hello All,

I am asked frequently the closer the date for the referendum gets..what happens to our health care cover should the UK leave...I don't know and neither can I find any article that refers to it. Just in case I have missed anything...does anyone have information on this subject..or is it just a case of wait and see. Certainly full cover privately would be astronomical, I have asked..not that I visit the doctor more than once a year.

Thanks for any input!

I am a bit worried about this so I've been watching all the posts about it. A lot of people say the Vienna Treaty would mean we wouldn't lose any rights we had when we moved here but apparently that doesn't apply. The latest and most hopeful I've read is that as the UK would still be a member of the Council of Europe, we would still be covered under the European Convention on Social Security, drafted as an instrument to follow the 1964 European Code of Social Security, which applies to people working or having worked abroad in any of the Convention signatory countries. I haven't read it but it's here

There is also the point that under the new universal health cover, which covers Europeans as well as non-Europeans, we should be entitled to cover anyway under French law as long as we're living here in a legal and sustainable manner. French law also gives you more rights if you've lived here for more than five years in a legal and sustainable manner. Even for those who hadn't, under the old system, there was always AME.

Hi Debra, thats interesting I didn't know that. What's AME. I wonder where one can go to look at the French official slant on this issue.

Aide Medical d'Etat - for all those who are here in an 'irregular' manner. The Aureli site has all the legal info from the French point of view.

The new universal cover is basically joining the two systems, by the sound of it, so that EU people can get cover as easily as non EU people used to be able to. AME was considered to be mainly aiming at non EU people in an irregular situation but I know of EU people who have managed to get it when they couldn't get health cover any other way.