Health Care Renewal S1 From UK

We are, yet again in the process of the annual grind of renewing our S1 form.

Our last form was extended to 18 months, which was fine, and I had to be added to my Husband's application, which was processed on the previous form, about 4 months ago.

Apart from the usual ineptitude from Newcaste (first form lost in post etc etc) we had no major problems.

However, a friend of ours who is "attached" to his wife's application (she is working in the UK) has encountered some problems.

Although he is a little unclear as to the reason, he is under the impression that there has been a change in policy/ legislation and that he now how has to apply in his own name. (He is under normal retirement age like me)

As my being "added" was only in April of this year, I found it quite surprising, as we are both in the same position - both our spouses are working in the UK and paying Class 1A National Insurance contributions.

As I had previously run a small business (now closed) I had been affiliated to RSI and paid contributions here (and therefore had my own Carte Vitale), I admit I was a bit concerned that I may have encountered problems with being attached to my husband's carte vitale.

This wasn't the case at all, and as I mentioned above, I was added in April, with all outstanding medical expenses being promptly reimbursed.

I was assuming that the renewal application would be pretty straightforward (I must say here I spend over an hour on the phone to 3 different operators at Newcastle in a vain and unsuccessful attempt to get the correct fax number to fax the form!) - however, this recent development with our friend has made me slightly worried that I too may now encounter problems.

Bottom Line - Is there anyone on SF who has a spouse working in the UK and is "added" to their Carte Vitale?

If so, have you experienced a similar problem to our friend?

Here's hoping that this makes sense, and that someone replies!

Yes, his permanent address is here in France - Having spoken to Newcastle on more occasions than I can remember, they have different types of S1 , depending on the circumstances - there are so many permutations, especially if you add the pre and post retirement thing into the mix as well.

They have a team of International Case Workers, and I think the reason for that is because there are no two identical situations, and it needs individual attention for each application that comes in.

Hi Helen

I am surprised your husband was able to get a CV. However,if he is France every weekend does that mean he is actually a french resident/ domicile? Does he use your french address as his permanant address then? I think if you are doing it that way then it is a different type of S1 to what we have. As far as I am aware there has been no change to the rules, the basis is that the country to which you pay your social charges ie national insurance in case of UK ,should pay for your healthcare and reimburse another country if you get the healthcare there. The S1 we have says that it only covers him as a dependant, no mention of me being covered.

I go to france once a month for between five and seven days at a time. But I have always had a permanent UK address with everything registered to it.Husband uses the french house as his perm. address.

Yes indeed I am asking for the right thing, as it is a renewal - with me "on the ticket " as it were. We have done it once, so it is a repeat prescription, so to speak.

I am not anticipating any problems, but the curved ball from our friend who is experiencing problems made me think there may be changes afoot, that's all.

Best to wait to see what they say.

Interesting you use NHS - how often to you come to France. My husband comes every weekend, and has his own CV

Hi Helen

Our situation will change in two weeks as i am leaving UK and moving to France but at the moment our situation is:

I work in the UK and I pay class 1 NI as an employee. My early retired husband lives in france and he has an attestation/ carte vitale from CPAM. We obtained this CV by getting a "workers S1" from the UK which is based on my NI but with him as my dependant. For CPAM I am the assure (sorry no accents on this computer) and he is the beneficiere.

The workers S1 i only granted for a year, although the CV is for less.

I do not have nor am I entitled to an Attestation/ CV because I live and work in UK. I have to use NHS as my health care provider and when I am in france for visits, the EHIC card and/or travel insurance.

Are you asking Newcastle for the right thing? workers S1? I have always found them to be very helpful, much more so than CPAM.