Health cover for my 85 year old Dad

My Dad has been staying with us for several weeks this summer, when he arrived he was frail, pale and living with the fear of one who watches too much news on tv! Now he is brown and rounder and has developed his conversation from the world's evils and catastrophes! He is 85 a heavy drinker and smoker, I would love to suggest he stays here permanently, but am not sure if he will get full medical cover, he has little money for private insurance, and now we are leaving the EU will that cause complications? Any one out there know more about this?

Hi, my mum in law is 94 and has mutuelle through SOFICAS - It costs 130€ but well worth it following a hospital stay of a week. You can also apply to CPAM for 100% coverage if your GP agrees, mum has this but it is only related to her severe arthritis hence the mutuelle. they have an english speaking helpline.

Depending on his income he might be able to get either CMU Complémentaire or the ACS (Aide au paiement d'une Complémentaire). My 94 year mother did - you don't need to get approval from your GP (that is only needed if he has an ALD - Affection de Longue Durée) - just contact the CPAM or do it on-line, all the information you need is there. Even if his income is too high for that he should able to get a good mutuelle for under €100 - there are several companies offering special rates for seniors.

The current rules stay in place until UK actually leaves and the govt is dragging its feet on triggering Art 50, so I reckon he has at least 2.5+ years before he has to make other arrangements.

85 and a heavy smoker? Any discernable effects of the smoking on him?

Hi Rebecca, if he is using his EHIC instead of travel insurance before he settles permanently, there is a top up available to him that runs in a similar way to a Mutuelle but it is for visitors who will have the same part-contributory issue that residents have. Details can be found at and it is underwrtten at Lloyd's. There are no exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, no upper age limit and it also covers medical repatriation which the EHIC does not.

Did you get any further with this Rebecca? We are in the same position, thinking of trying to get both elderly parents over to live with us. Any info would be really gratefully received!