Health Cover whilst waiting to get on the French System

Yes, this is the way I’m going now. First I have to get the house purchase confirmed with the agent though - and frankly, after a month of zero communication, I feel like I’ve been ‘ghosted’ by her (I think that’s the technical term :wink: )

I told you this was giving me nightmares. Last night it was our current neighbours using a kidney dialysis machine as a pool filter - and the water in the pool was blood.

Eeeek…I want to unsee that mental image!

Just get here!

That is truly gruesome. You’ll do well to be away from neighbours like that.

Good news from Fabien re S1/res application. Another brick in the wall.

I handed mine in to CPAM St Lo on Weds 9th. Yesterday, Weds 16th, I tried to order an EHIC but Newcastle hasn’t rec’d their copy yet. Only 5 working days so not surprising.

I was a bit nervous about whether the St Lo office was up to speed with S1s. The woman dealing with me, once happy with all the ‘docamenti’ she had in hand, tried to give back to me one of the two S1 forms. I had to explain to her that one was for their use and the other to be returned to the UK office to confirm my registration onto the FR system.

I hope someone more clued up took on my file.

but did you make a copy for your own purposes? Often advised to do so :wink:

Yessir, Mr. Graham — SAH!

What I didn’t do, which would have been A Good Old Dear, was to get it stamped/franked/signed or summat.

no need for that though… it’s just insurance against it getting lost in the post, as it were. The DWP say you can’t get a copy (but others say you can) so work that one out :slightly_smiling_face:

I imagine if an S1 goes terminally AWOL, Newcastle would issue another. Why wouldn’t they?

They have said to people in the past that they won’t. But then others have received copies so I guess it depends who you get on the other end of the phone.

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Well- my useless premonitions happened again with that nightmare as the day after the UK Govt confirmed continuing cover for UK travellers to the EU who have ongoing medical conditions, such as those needing dialysis!

Another good bit of news is that the awol agent contacted me yesterday to apologise and ask for some more forms to be completed as the property we were promised back in October is still available to us. The only real stumbling block now is finding a place to rent for a couple of months so we can claim residency while the purchase goes through, and if there are any last minute hitches here with the sale of mum’s property.

Oh yes, there might be one other stumbling block. My young niece has caught Covid-19 at school, and my sister who gave her a lift to school on Monday also came up to visit us on Monday. She’s tested negative, but I am wondering if I am now developing symptoms, or just knackered from the stress of trying to organise the move on my own!! It never rains but it pours.

Hi @fabien would you be able to advise me on the best options for getting temporary health cover for my elderly mother? Given the current uncertainty that we will even be allowed to enter France from the UK, and the high cost of private cover for mum, I am wondering if there might be an option for 2-days travel cover, then once we are safely in France I will pay for the full months private insurance while we wait to get our S1s? Thanks.

Evening @SteveRussell, maybe you can DM me (or email => Specify her date of birth and I’ll advise accordingly. Cheers :wink:

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