Health Insurance help!

Does anyone know of a simple way to know my options for health insurance as an unemployed student who is 32 years old? It seems like everything I read takes me circles and I can't understand what my options are. I'm currently on sabbatical from my teaching position in the U.S., so I'm still covered through my employment there. However, I'm planning to resign my post soon so that I can stay in France to complete my academic program.

Try the English/French site being a company that specializes in providing health insurance for people resident in France.

There is a new posting on the new policy from CPAM on medical coverage from January 1 available (in theory) to residents eu and non eu after three months of proven residency. Please do not take my word on this as I only read it on another site. LINK IS I am looking into it as my daughter is thinking of moving to France from the US, although she is a dual US/UK national.

Thanks, Simon. I'm American.

I will give them a call. Not sure I can wait that long... at this point I think I will have to go with private insurance. Thanks!

Good advice Alan - the numbers are 3646 within France or +33 811 70 36 46 from outside France

Difficult to answer your question Emily as there are so many variables - the first question I'd ask is 'what's your nationality?' and continue from there. Of course, if you were to get a job in France then - problem solved! :-)

Hi Emily,

L'Assurance maladie have an English language help line that you can use for such questions. Google it or try their normal 4 digit number and be prepared for a long wait. I just received my acceptance into the scheme 11 months and a few days after I applied.