Healthcare for Brits

Brexit jokes or anger aside. Does anyone know if Brits can use French healthcare when living in France? I am moving to Yvelines France with my French wife. Thanks for any advice.

Yes Brits can use healthcare when living in France. The way you affiliate to the French health system very much depends upon your personal circumstances.

If you are paying into the sécu through work contributions, then yes.
If you are not in employment then maybe someone here who is in the same situation will be able to tell you.

Thank you sir for giving some information. No I m not employed there yet as I move there next year. My wife is French does that make any difference? As long as I am employed in some form I can get a healthcare card?

What boils down to is, you get cover if you pay into the system. Your wife’s being French may speed things up, but don’t bank on it.

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