Healthcare for Retired In-Laws

Hi All

Just starting the research on this and looking from both UK (EHIC) and French angles.

My wife's parents are thinking of a trial (6 month) period renting in France so they can be near the grandchildren. We've found them a nice house 25 minutes away. They are 70 and 68, Father has diabetes and Mother has high blood pressure.

We were just wondering if the EHIC doesn't cover everything whilst technically UK resident at first, should they look into UK travel insurance, or if the experiment works out for them and they become resident in France who to approach first (CPAM for example) to affiliate them in to the French Healthcare system and then find mutuelle cover.

I manage to get myself sorted very quickly into the RSI/RAM cover to get a carte vitale, and found a decent mutuelle for the rest. Just not so sure how it works for retired UK folk who want to come part-time with a view to full time residency.

So any advice gratefully received!

What did you do in the end? I’m interested to know as we are in the same situation right now. Many thanks!