Healthcare Provision in the EU

Oh yes, I lived a dozen miles east of Cambridge after the last tree between the city and Siberia (OK, I exaggerate slightly) but never in 30 years had a temperature as low as some of the ones we have experienced here less than two hours drive from the Spanish border. When it rains it really rains and when it is humid it penetrates to your marrow. Christophe is 200% right on that point.

Thanks John

It's the wet as much as the cold but thanks Chris

Thank you Simon

S1's are also provided to those working in the UK (and making NI contributions) and resident in France - i.e. the UK picks up the tab for healthcare in France for such people.

David - call the Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle on 0191 218 1999 as a starting point. Then - UK long-term Incapacity Benefit holders can obtain an S1 by phoning the Working Age Group Incapacity Benefit team on 0191 218 7644. Christophe says - DO NOT move to France for a warmer climate!

Hey forget the ‘warmer climat’ scenario, even the south of France is generally a darn sight colder during winter months. I’ve been here in the Sud Ouest for 14 winters and all have been colder than my UK home town of Cambridge.

Costa Blanca

As far as I am aware S1s are only provided for people who receive a state pension. There are other ways of entering the French system, for example, after three months residency, and if you have sufficient income, you can apply to CMU C, which will need to be paid for. I believe the formula is 8% of (your income - €9600).