Could anyone give advice on joining the healthcare system here. We still haven’t managed to achieve this, after several months. We get different advice from doctors.

Because I worked abroad for two years before coming here it seems that I don’t qualify.I will be 60 in October and wondered if that will allow me to join, or will i have to wait until I officially retire in the Uk in a couple of years time?

My husband is freelance and still pays tax in the UK. I don’t work now.

We would appreciate anyone’s experience or knowledge of this subject as it is a worrying situation to be in!

Thanks Jo, all seems so complicated but I’m sure we can do it!

Hello Lorraine, if you are a resident in France and from any EU country, if you earn under the threshold amount (I believe it is 12,500euros for a couple) per year, you will be entitled to CMU which is the complementary health insurance top-up for low wage earners or the unemployed.CMU gives 100% healthcare, including glasses, dentistry, physiotherapy all hospital bills etc…you claim this by filling in a form available from your local CAF offices (benefits agency). to find yours go to

If your husband earns more than this you will need your european health card E111 from the uk, plus a top-up insurance from any of the french insurance agencies.the last time I checked it was about 80 euro per month for a familly of 3. You can check the thresholds/amounts by either claiming the benefit or by the CAF website.

My advice is to do this before you retire as the rules are stricter for retired people. Either way, if you are retired and below the earnings threshold you will still be entitled to 100% cover on CMU.

good luck.

Thanks Jane, I’ll have a look and contact Newcastle.

You may like to look at the healthcare pages on The last post was 2009 and since that the UK retirement age has gone up. You are also entitled to time in France on your E106.
It might be worth checking with Newcastle to see if you are entitled after being out of the country.
I hope this will be of help.