Heating swimming pools?

Does anyone have an opinion(!) about heating swimming pools. Firstly, as a gite owner, or otherwise, is it a good idea? What would be the best method? Prices to install and then to run?



We too have a pool heated by a pompe a chaleur, and it has changed my life. I am able to exercise every day,I have had a lot of surgery and the water takes the stress out of exercising. We are hoping to use our guest house as a gite and the heat pump means that we can heat and cool our guest house as well as heating the pool. We live in Southern Burgundy, so some form of heating is essential to enable us to extend our swimming season. Fortunately, we are able to top up our pool from our deep well during the permitted hours. I think some of independence re water supply is now becomingmore important. Installing a geothermal heating system, we used deep wells, is not cheap, but more flexible and with the price of energy constantly rising, the pay-back time begins to look more favourable. Hope this is of use.

Hi Diana, we are not gite owners, however when you count just how many friends from the UK come over I do feel like we are running one sometimes.

We have a heated pool but it is through our central heating. It runs off fuel and although costly for a season it is well worth it. My daughters go in everyday without fail (even in the rain sometimes) and I go in when they are not around to dive bomb me. We never dreamed of owning a property with a pool and wasn’t on our list of important features when house hunting. However now we think it is just the most wonderful thing as the girls don’t want to go anywhere to spend money, they are happy staying at home and playing in the pool.

Good luck with your pool and with your gite.

If you want bookings in your gite from April / Easter onwards and at the back end of the season then yes… you will significantly increase your bookings. We have a pompe a chaleur which also heats the house during the Winter.