(Steven Blundell) #1

I wonder if anyone might be able to offer some advice. We need to put a new heating system into the house. We do not want an oil fired boiler for obvious reasons and I am just stunned at how expensive all the other options are when compared to the same in the UK. Does anyone no a good company? Which systems have other people used and what do you like/dislike?

Thanks in advance.


(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #2

Our air con box can make a buzz if it’s working hard heating or cooling but no where near as noisy as the units from the epicerie, although it is drowned out by the noisy cicadas in summer. I wouldn’t sleep without this background noise. I love it!

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(Catharine Higginson) #3

The gas story made me chuckle…!

(Suzie Blackman) #4

Hi Dave

Same with us our neighbours have the same and we do notice the noise. Having said that when we bought our little house it was absolutely quiet since then swimming pools have sprung up with the filters so we’re getting used to a constant hum or buzz. Still when there is nothing it’s like you’ve stopped banging your head against the wall!!!

(Dave Bassett) #5

Our neighbours have the reverse air con type of heating, I find the box on his wall can be a bit loud and rattles sometimes, might just be a cheap unit badly installed though.

(Steven Blundell) #6

Thanks for your advice

(Steven Blundell) #7

Thanks for this.

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #8


What don’t we have??!?!

We have a fantastic woodburner which chucks out so much heat it warms the whole house and after a few days the core temperature of the house doesn’t fall below 20 degrees in winter. We also have reversible air conditioning which works really well & is very efficient (used when we run out of wood or for those days when it’s a bit nippy but not enough to light the woodburning beast) and we are embarrassed to say… we also have ridiculously expensive to run (totally unnecessary and consequently never used) electric radiators in each room (as we didn’t believe our builder when he said we wouldn’t need them).

We are near Montpellier too & our builder also shook his head when we asked for underfloor heating…

One thing we would say is that our village has no local gas and we did hear of an English person who used an English builder to install a full UK spec gas central heating system only to find out later that they had no local gas…doh!

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(Sarah Hague) #9

Hi Steven, when I was having a house built, the heating issue came up of course. I live down near Montpellier and the builder said that in the south, underfloor heating works less well than in colder regions. This is because we have sudden changes in temperature from cold to hot to cold. Underfloor heating takes time to heat up and cool down so you could find yourself roasting on a sudden hot day and freezing on a sudden cold day.

In the end we chose gas, but if I was doing it today I’d choose a wood-pellet burning stove system.
Best wishes

(Catharine Higginson) #10

Well its just a personal thing and I suspect the system we had wasn’t brilliant ( we didn’t install it - it was in a rental property) BUT I have heard similar comments from others. We found it was hard to keep the place at an ambient temperature and that when it was really cold, we were not warm enough. Given that extreme weather seems to be becoming the norm, it would seem to be best to be prepared for all eventualities…

I think the problem stems from the fact that a lot of the French ‘underfloor’ installations, do not use enough insulation so if you do go down the underfloor road, I’d be tempted to specify over and above the ‘normes’…

C x

(Steven Blundell) #11

Thanks Catherine, was planning on underfloor heating so may have to thiink again.


(Catharine Higginson) #12

If I take installation budget, environmental concerns and running costs into consideration, my personal preference is to insulate to an incredibly high standard and install efficient wood burner(s) and if not that, then a wood pellet boiler. Doron Swade who is a member here and a member of the Renovation group, did a lot of research into wood burners and I can vouch for the efficiency of his insulation levels and heating system, having seen them in action.

I’ve lived with underfloor heating and personally don’t like it but I’m sure there are others on here who will swear by it…