Heavy item transportation

Does anybody know of a company that transports heavy equipment?
The item is a scale for pallets.

I’ve always been very happy with a family firm in the UK;

I’ve used them professionally for global freight and personally for shipments from UK to France (pallets).

Thanks Ray, the scales need to be transferred between two places (less than one kilometre apart) in France. A local firm maybe better and access a little difficult so a smaller vehicle would be required. Sorry I should have explained.

How heavy are we talking about? Could a Manitou shift it or do you need a flat bed truck and crane?

I think a forklift would do the job.
A few of the bold, testosterone fuelled lads are sure they can lift it into the van, but I know how easy it is to injure the back!

Maybe https://www.shiply.com/ is worth a try

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Hi Lily,
I have a van possibly suitable for the job but I need to know where are you please ?
What are the dimensions of this scale ?
Looking forward to hearing from you