Hello, and a car registration problem

Hello everyone, and hoping someone can help. I have sold my french registered car to my son in the UK and it is now re-registered there with a new V5 etc.
My question is how do I “deregister” or export it from here on the new Ants system? I’ve tried to do a sale to my son but it has come back “Rejectee” and now seems to be locked in the system. (This is the second time I’ve fallen foul of this system after selling a motor bike and getting one letter wrong in the new owners name! That’s been “analyse par le service instructeur” for some time…) Are the Sous-prefectures still handling queries like this? I know the new system has not been universally welcomed…
Anyway any assistance gratefully received

Do you need to deregister it here? A neighbour moved back to the UK and scrapped his car there and when he went to our Prefecture to surrender the CG they weren’t interested. If your son has registered the car in the U.K. the DVLA will informe France.

Ah, thinking on it that may well be the case. Part of the UK import process included the original CG. So you think the DVLA sort that side out with France?

HI David… I reckon that you should be OK, so long as you have the correct documents to prove it was sold… to whom, when and where… :thinking:

I do.

Well, I filled out the relevant forms, the cerfa 15776, the certificate de cession etc and have those. I think I’ll sit tight and keep those in reserve. Hopefully DVLA have informed France as David says. If I get any gendarmes at the door I will let you know!