Hello everyone

My name is Jim Archibald, I am a 58 year old Scotsman, for which there is no cure and no retirement age. I spent 23 very happy years in the English Royal Navy, followed by 14 years as a critical care nurse. I am married to Jackie, a reformed Englishwoman, and we have three fine, handsome sons:

Calum, Ewan and Lachlan. We moved into our retirement cottage on Hogmanay 2009. Initially it was to be our second home until our retirement. We are in the Creuse, close to Chambon sur Voueize. However; now isn’t there always a however? I took early retirement and have been living here permanently since 12 March. Jackie is an Ambulance Paramedic and so works in Scotland for four weeks then returns here for every fifth week. It is the life we always wanted and our people, both French and British, are the very people we would have chosen, had there been a choice!

I am now a writer and poet. Something I always had the inclination for but never the time. I am also a much sought after Burns' Night speaker and reciter, if anyone is planning a Burns' Supper!

Really looking forward to membership here.

Another Scot here Jim way down in l'Aude. British by birth, Scottish by the grace of God I think is how it goes!

What a lovely life you have worked out for yourselves and I hope Jackie isn't having too much trouble with the commute to Ecosse with all the snow.

Looking forward to chatting to you both soon

Jacqui x

Hi Jim

My name is Lynn, I am a 46 year old scotswoman, for which I totally agree, there is no cure!!! I too live in the Creuse, 30 kilometres form Gueret! I have lived here 4 years! Looking forward to chats with Jackie and yourself!! Bye for now!


Love the introduction - made me smile

have fun
Karen x

Hi Gill!

Glad I followed your recommendation. What a great site! Also joined Rural Writers, which I hope isn’t presumption on my part?

Cheers Jimx

Hi Jim!

Great to see you on the Forum!
Gill xx