Hello From David and Angie - not there yet but seriously thinking about it

(David Sass) #1

Hi everyone,

Angie and I are looking to join all thos happy people in France - maybe next year .... just doing a flying visit over long weekend 4th September in or near Limousin, Haute Vienne, Dordogne etc ....

I am keen to find people to network with regarding Exhibition or conference work in or around Bordeaux I am an experienced Conference and Events manager - also hoping to help manage Rugby tours from UK....

Always had a french link - my mother lived a lot of the year in South (Provence) and some say I have a mystrious French link in my past .... hmmm need to find out more :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

David and Angie

(Roger Thomas) #2

After Bordeaux and Brive :0)

(David Sass) #3

Hi Tony thanks for the info - also the link to your place - I am afraid it is too far south for us on this trip - just a long weekend … thanks anyway