Hello from Ille et Vilaine

It's been a while since I've posted on here, and as the SFN emails have kept popping into my in-box recently I thought it was an opportune time to introduce myself to those of you who don't already know me.

I've been living in France with my husband, two daughters and a gaggle of animals for over 14 years now. Some of you may remember me as an equestrian estate agent, but I now work full-time as a Reiki teacher and practitioner. It's a long story which I won't bore you with here, but I turned to Reiki after a run in with a life-threatening illness, and now work with clients at home and all around the world via Skype and at retreats. Despite the challenges of the French system, it's been wonderful being able to work from home and choose my own hours, and to have been there for the children as they've been growing up. I can honestly say that there isn't a single important event that we have missed over the years - it's something you can put no price on. The girls have grown up completely bi-lingual.

I've been very involved with research into Reiki through the medium of cymatics, which has been a compelling journey and will hopefully start to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. I also run regular It's In You retreats, bringing in fantastic teachers from around the world to teach a variety of life-enhancing, inspiring topics. If you are a holistic professional looking to collaborate, or if you have a suitable venue and fancy offering courses or retreats where you are then don't hesitate to get in touch.

Hi Peta,

I didnt realise that France recognised Holistic therapies for social cover unless you are offering other services for which you are qualified for (business admin, medical...) Do you offer just Reiki?

Hi Peta,

I hope my picture comes out the right way up! I am also Reiki trained but have a much longer record doing earth/spiritual healing which I have been doing for most of my life. I undertook Reiki training because it is more generally accepted than Spiritual healing but virtually the same.

I worked in a therapeutic capacity with Children and Adolescent mental health for the NHS in England until I retired and came out here in September last year and used to incorporate my abilities into my work, if surreptitiously! My husband and I bought a Gites complex on the edge of Piegut Pluviers in the Dordogne and have always had plans to offer meditation/Reiki if wanted so would be very interested in collaborating/offering courses here. My husband still works in England during the week but also offers Tarot readings.

I would be very interested in hearing more from you.

Reiki is not amongst the (still relatively few) holistic therapies that are reimbursable via social cover. Thankfully, many health professionals are a little more open-minded than the Government these days, and many of my referrals come via word of mouth from practising GPs, nurses, nursing home workers, osteopaths, vets etc. In fact, many of them are starting to come and learn from themselves. Exciting times! I'm a little confused by your comment Helen, and am not sure why you think I should be qualified in something such as business admin, medical etc if I offer Reiki? I am a qualified Master Teacher (and am also qualified in a variety of other healing modalities too), and my business is fully registered. No, Reiki isn't the only service I offer, but for me it forms the foundation of all my work and personal practice.

That's a bit of a change Patricia! I'm planning to run a retreat down south later in the year. It would be good to get our heads together at some point to see if there are any ways we can help each other out :)

Sounds good. Please do keep in touch.

Hi Ladies, there is a facebook group called Retreat Workers Network that talk of similar services to your own. Personally I am moving to France today (yes, today) and I am studying Level 6 Special Educational Needs and will be studying to be a yoga teacher in October as I belive this will help both mentally and physically for assorted children with and without special needs. We are due to move to Villereal (just south of Bergerac) and I would be very interested in hearing more as I am reading about crystal healing too. Keep in touch and best of luck. XX

Thanks Joanne, you'll find me there - I'm one of the members and am already organising a couple of retreats with folk on there. They're a nice friendly bunch. Good luck with your move.