Hello from Newbie

Just wanted to say hi to everybody out there in the SFN famille!! Have been in France now for 6 months with my hubby - we are in the Haute Vienne, Limousin and have started in business as property / gîte managers under a well known franchise name. We thought we had passed the first tests re administration/bureaucracy as AE's. Wrong!! Having just paid - early as well!! - our first cotisations online, we have just received another declaration trimestrielle with a note clipped to it saying our account number has been changed!! Also having checked the bank the payment hasn't actually come out yet? Has anybody come across either of these points?? Just wanted to say a big thank you to the founders / facilitators of this site it is just fab.

Hi Vanessa and Maria

Will check the social security number on our declaration - thank you for that Vanessa!!

Great explanantion Maria and makes total sense to us now! We are also in southern Haute Vienne, close to Chalus area, may bump into you some time. We soon discovered that although France is a huge country, individual communes are very cosy!!

Hi Debbie and Eddy - good to hear from you. My Account number has also been changed on the form for the last declaration trimestrielle for 2011. It is the Social Securité number that has changed.