Hello, glad to be onboard

(Mel Comley) #1

Hi Everyone,

I joined on the 3rd of May and have been up to my eyes in it since. So please accept my apologises.

I moved to Normandy 8 years ago with my Mother. We bought a house with a barn that we turned into a Gite but didn't really receive much income from it. We sold that house and moved to St Lo, a really beautiful house on a 3/4acre plot on to have Gypsy set up camp next door. I don't know how we managed to sell the house but we did. Now we live in a quaint village between St Lo and Coutances and love it.

I'm a very keen gardener and write in my spare time, trying to supplement our dwindling pension!! Guess we all know about that eh?

When I joined I placed a plea for help as I am currently on a website for aspiring authors in with a chance of gaining a publishing contract with Harper Collins. At the moment I am promoting my book for 12-14 hours a day, hence my inability to interact with this wonderful and worthwhile site (from the little I've seen of it so far).

I think a couple of people voted for my book from here so I just wanted to drop in and say thanks.

If anyone would like to vote they can go to www.authonomy.com registration takes about five mins then all you have to do is 'back my book'

http://authonomy.com/ViewBook.aspx?bookid=12844 Thanks for your support and I hope to become a valued member of this community very, very soon.

Mel Comley