Hello! Introducing ourselves

Hi, Just been recommended this site by our friend Melissa Hancock who has since abandoned us and gone back to the UK - boo. My name is Abby, I have a very small internet business but am mainly as stay at home Mum to two lovely little men, Oliver 3 and Félix 8 months. My husband has just started up a new business here as an ironworker so he is starting to work from home which is lovely for all of us. We live in Courrensan in the Gers and have been here about 6 years. Looking forwards to getting to know some of you!



Beautiful film.

Yes OMG had many of those moments although maybe slightly stronger language! Nothing is logical here still we plod on..

Enjoy Submarine!


Yes, I just found your post again, and read it through. I don't normally "OMG" but OMG.

How distressing. I have contemplated setting up a business here, several times, and may have to yet, having lost 75k from my pension in the last three years.

The authorities here, as we all know, all over the shop. We don't have any tax issues, at present, but on a smaller scale we ( and our friends and neighbours ) haven't received our Tax D'Habitation factures yet, even though they are due.

It seems you have to 'phone' them up, because if you don't and therefore don't meet the deadline, they will fine you a percentage, and it's compound.

Luckily we have become friends with a couple, who just happen to be our 'collectors'.

If there is any thing that is lacking here is a sense on logic!

HTG Richard Ayoade's film Submarine is on tele.

A must watch.


Yes thats me! Yes a continuing nightmare but I guess slightly less of one than when it started, I feel like I'm getting somewhere with it now rather than drowning in it. My internet business isn't remotely interesting, buying and selling, but it gives me a bit of extra money to throw in the direction of bills that come our way and means that I can practice my French on a daily basis. I spend more time nurturing my husbands business. What do you do? I feel like I should know that?

Ah ha

is your husband Renny?

Hi Abby,

I'm sure I started reading some 'tax' horror show, piece, is that you? Whoever, sounds like a nightmare.

Did you say you had an some kind of internet business? Be interesting to hear about it... only when you have time.

Many of us are very keen websters, one way and another.

KInd regards

Ron ( Michelle, and the teapot lids )

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the welcome. Although I don't post much on here (far too busy running around after the RSI and two small ones - the RSI being the most time consuming!) I do use the site fairly often and I'm sure 'shy' is a term that doesn't really apply to you - not online anyway!

All the best!


Hi Abby,


I don't do much on SFN, bit shy really.

Ron Birks

Hi Martin,
Great thanks for that. I’m just trying to get the hang of the site so Ill go and have a look.

You’re doing a great job Martin - the groups esp the regional ones take a little while to get going but once they take off, develop a life of their own. If you post some Midi P related content this week, I will make sure we tweet and FB it all over the shop which should kick start some activity - hopefully! Thanks C x

Hi Abby,
Welcome to the forum. As you live in the Gers, why not join the Midi-Pyrenees ramblings group. Still trying to get the group active, so the more the merrier.