Hello Languedoc residents

Hello Languedoc residents. My husband and I just arrived in Montpellier for May-mid July 2016 and would love to meet up with folks living in the area. We don't have a car but do have Tam tickets and can get around.

We are Americans who are doing the 90 day EU visa dance to see if we'd like to go through the process to apply for a long stay visa next year. We love France-have spent 6 weeks in the SW 10 years ago and have always wanted to come back.

We'd love to meet local people- and hear about your stories and experience livinig here. Paul is a fluent French speaker-I am not.



Hi Paula and Paul,

Welcome. I am not in Langudoc but I recently wrote a post on my Oldstonesblog about Montpellier, as well as another on beaches in Languedoc and living with the wind, a well known phenomenon in that area.

The post on Montpellier is here : http://househunter.fr/wp/oldstonesblog/136-2/

(Sorry James (our dera administrator), it's too long for posting it in full ;-~ )

Hope it will help. (Feel free to tell me if some comments of mine are inaccurate)


Hello, You can get in touch with Dennelle at www.renestance.com

Or Sarah Hague at www.internations.org

These are good starting points,