Hello ! SF

I joined this morning . It seems a good site , but I can only appears on my tablet at 90 ° to normal , ie longwise . Have I done something stupid , I can’t see how to change it ( derrr ) cheers

You might need to say what tablet you are using. On an iPad, for example, you can lock the screen rotation… and I have no issues using my iPad accessing SF

Oh, and welcome to the fold… have fun:vulcan_salute:

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Hi Graham . I too would give you a Vulcan salute , but my ratty old joints wont quite stretch .It’s only a cheapo Archos Neon 101 , set to auto rotate , but SF just won’t . I noticed it suddenly flipped 90 ° as I was filling in my details . Cheers Isn
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well, you’ve got me going now… where is the :vulcan_salute: ?? Oh, looks like I have found it… quite by chance :smiley:

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Maybe you should have gone to specsavers lol

But no, not a machine I’m familiar with I’m afraid. I’m sure a lot of
users have tablets without this issue but that doesn’t help you of course…

I can’t actually get this site on my phone at all. Tried on a couple of browsers and all I get is a blank page.