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I understand that in France when a parent suffering from an illness that prevents him or her staying in their own home, then goes to live in a community home, that the children of that person is then means tested by the French Government in order to pay for that parents care? If this is correct is anyone able to advise if the means testing is purely on the children’s income/earnings or does it include the home and savings of the children also? There seems to be lots of bits of information but nothing that covers the above questions…what happens if the children are not in a position to cover these costs, and if the children live elsewhere? Sorry for all the questions but I am really struggling to understand what may be required of myself and my siblings.

Any help or guidance would be very much appreciated
Thank you :cherry_blossom:

In french this might help.


@Flocreen What a useful Link… I’m bookmarking that for future use.

@Islander Page 4 in the Link talks about what finances will or will not be considered in the assessment… but the whole thing is very interesting and should answer most questions.

Good luck

There are a couple of articles here (in English) that may help … it’s a big problem in France, the costs of care being passed on to children and even grandchildren !

Hi Lesley

The onus is not on the hospital to provide translations or translator.

If your father’s wife speaks fluent French, the hospital probably do not even realize her difficulties with the written word.

I know folk often chuckle when I say “take it to the Mairie”… but our Mairie is always so very helpful.

Fair enough, it may not be possible to go through every document with your father’s wife, but they will do their best to check and advise. She certainly should not make a quick decision, without understanding the ramifications.

(just another thought, the hospital will surely have someone like an Almoner, who can talk things through.)

There are always changes and amendments,that maybe aren’t covered by articles.Just be aware of that.Maybe a visit to CPAM or with an assistant sociale might help to clarify things.

Lesley… I am not expecting her to find anyone who speaks English… (I carried 3 different French/English dictionaries with me for the first few years).

I am expecting her to find someone who can answer her questions… and explain to her what the various documents are all about.

I’ve been through similar situations myself… and it can mean (time-consuming) verbally going round-and-round-the-houses…with questions and answers… until a simple document is finally understood.

Generally, the Mairie/Almoner… will be able to highlight the important aspects of any document… and discuss them with the lady herself, in French. If the lady does not understand a phrase or word, she does need to insist that, whoever-it-is, uses another phrase or word… until understanding is arrived at.


Roughly where in France… are we talking about ??

I did wonder the same thing Stella, because sometimes, especially in the more ‘touristy’ areas, there are sometimes associations run by English communities that could maybe help !

There’s one round here… it’s called Stella :upside_down_face:


Not too far from Combourg Stella… I am going in to see the citizens advice bureau at this end this morning to see what I can find out from them…it may well be a situation that they have come across in the past so fingers crossed

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Sadly, much too far away from me… good luck. :relaxed:

Hello Lesley
Here is a link to the mairie and the CCAS at Combourg…

The CCAS also have an email address, it may be worth sending a short e mail explaining the situation, good luck :

Hi Ann…I have emailed Combourg twice now, once just after the last time we spoke and again after a week of having no response, but still not even an acknowledgement! How rude!

Thank you so much for trying to help me though …much appreciated :cherry_blossom:

Not rude Lesley - just inefficient. Although emails have been in general use for around 40 years, there seems to be a mental block about them in France- almost a kind of national denial :slight_smile: Hence the plethora of fax machines!!

I think things have got better over the past few years and lots of government and health stuff has now been taken online, but the more ‘provincial’ organisations are still a bit ‘shy’ of the new (!) technology. My take on it is that an instant email requires instant action - and that would be just far too efficient and possibly put someone out of a job. Confirmed by the fact you can rarely reply directly to any official email with addresses often starting no-reply@.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Owwww I feel better for that !


Sent 3 emails to French business last week not one of them have replied also sent 5 emails to individuals 3 French and 2 brits have a guess who were the only ones to reply.

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That’s a pity Lesley, it may be that the person who deals with this is on holiday and ‘others’ don’t know how to respond.
If not then it does seem strange. There is a telephone number on the link I have given you, could you 'phone them to ask if they have received the e mails and also to ask the name of the person who deals with queries for the CCAS. If your French isn’t up to it maybe your father’s wife could phone to get a contact name?
Despite the experience of others here I have always had replies to my e-mails to various government departments, mainly I think because I have 'phoned for a contact name in advance.
Frustrating for you though, do hope that maybe with a 'phone call it will help… Good luck :thinking:

Thanks Ann :cherry_blossom:

Made me smile too Simon :joy::joy::joy:

Does anyone actually know anyone who has been perused by the French authorities whilst not being a resident in France? And does anyone know if the law of claiming from the children for the care of elderly persons is enforceable in Guernsey please? I have followed every link I’ve been given and still not reached any conclusion! I’ve tried everything from Citizens advice to advocates but there does not seem to be a straightforward answer …very frustrating :thinking::thinking: any help appreciated…I can’t be the only person to have had this puzzle to deal with :thinking:

Thanks so much :cherry_blossom: