Help/Advice/Tax services in France

I’ve seen references to the help/advice/tax/form-filling services in France for English speakers but not had much luck.

The first, offering help in France, I approached to open a bank account after seeing him suggest he had contacts at the banks. After 3 attempts and all documents I heard nothing.

The second, offering advice in France, based down near the south coast, seems to offer a complete service. But so far they’ve ignored emails regularly and not returned phone calls for very specific issues (again for which I provided documents).

Have I had bad luck or is this just standard French attitudes to service? Does anybody use one of these services and feel they can be trusted? I really don’t want to have to keep chasing this stuff, I’m drowning in day to day stuff as it is.


From what I’ve seen, most people who advertise these services are Brits who have moved to France, not French service providers… could be wrong but certainly there do seem to be a lot of expats offering hand holding services to other expats, it’s a nice little business for them to set up.

Where are you based?

You can surely find a friend, French or English…who will help you through some of the worst bits.

Also… here on the Forum we have a number of Experts… who really are what they say…