Help and advice needed

Hi I am writing on behalf of my parents who own a house neat Nimes. They are thinking about selling the house and although my mum speaks fluent French, it’s all a little overwhelming negotiating selling the house/contents/conversion of currency once the sale has taken place.
I was wondering and hoping that there might be someone in the area who might deal with something like this - English speaking but knowledgeable and able to help deal with all the legal and financial aspects of property sale?

A notaire who can explain things in English when necessary is probably the most useful.


Or use an English speaking agent like Leggetts or Greenacres.

@Helen_Brits I second the Notaire suggestion… especially as your parents will be relying on someone to handle their finances as well as legal matters.

Not sure I can name an immobilier I would trust (except @Mat_Davies of course)

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perhaps the notaire who handled the original purchase would be a good starting point?
Repatriating the funds will be less troublesome using someone like TorFX who are well used to handling such transactions

Unfortunately a little far away from my patch (about 6 hours!) - but I have very fond memories of Nîmes - it is stunning and well worth a visit.

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I seriously reckon a Notaire might well be best in this particular situation…
I mentioned you, simply as the only immobilier I would trust …
I’ve had dealings with most of the others one way or another and can’t think of anyone of 'em I’d hand this sort of task to … but maybe I’ve missed a little gem… it’s always possible.

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Believe me if it was quite a bit nearer I would be very keen to help! (and thank you)

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Thank you so much guys - the suggestion about the money was especially helpful, as my dad was saying how they’d end up with Euros, of course, and its rough to lose so much in conversion

Helen Brits