Help and advice with re-registering a english car

Hi All,

I need to re register our uk plated car here, as our MOT runs out and insurance.

So i would be extremly grateful if there is anyone who can offer any advice for me. What to do and where to go. I have got a few things together which I will list.

1, Certificate of conformity. In the hand book that was lucky!!

2, Registration document.

3, Receipt of purchase, Heavens cars are cheap in the uk!

4, Utility bill. Been caught out with that one before.

5, My passport.

What do i do next?

Many Thanks Richard

Hi. I have immatriculated 3 vehicles in France and I am in the process of doing 2 more at the moment. I would add that the Contrôle Technique should be less than 6 months old ( I have had my dossier returned due to the Contrôle Technique being 6 months and 6 days old!) and the utility bill should also be I think less than 3 months old. Both I have fallen foul of in the past.

If you send the papers via the Mairie it can take a little longer to do (a couple of weeks) or you can go directly to the Sous-prefecture but there can be very long queues and some are only open in the mornings. My experience is of Beziers sous-prefecture and it is far easier to do it via the Mairie but make sure you have everything absolutely correct or they will keep sending the dossier back to you. For an LDV van that I transferred over it to 5 attempts due to various silly little issues. Got there in the end though!

Hi Richard, This is what you need:

  • ID
  • Utility bill
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • This form:
  • Registration document
  • Quitus fiscal (to be obtained from the “Service des Impôts”, for VAT purposes (if new vehicle)
  • Your only need a “Contrôle Technique” if the vehicle is over 4 years old
    Take all that to the “Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture”, takes about a week. Then gives you procedure for changes plates, etc.
    You have 1 month to do it from the time your docs run out.
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You need to go to your local Hotel d’Impots first to get the Quittas Fiscal as the Prefecture will want to see that when registering.

I seem to recall that I needed to get a Controle Technique for the car - it failed as I hadn’t switched over the lights - but that was ok as you have time to get the work done. I got mine all done at the local sous-prefecture - they give you a temporary carte gris… which I needed to get the insurance switched over to France as they couldn’t do this until I had my new reg no. Done it three times now for various members of the family,1080.html

Thank You Sheila.

Hi Richard. I was in a similar position a few months ago. My first port of call was to my Mairie. I found them most helpful. They helped me assemble all the paperwork, and even wrote out the cheque for me (I had never done that before!). The carte grise came back with my new registration numbers about a week later. A quick call to them first might save you a lot of hassle.