Help - Banque Postale have closed my account and reported it to Banque de France

Hi all,

I stupidly let my unused bank postale account go overdrawn with their bank charges (which eroded the 80 euro I'd left in it) and as I was busy moving house I didnt get chance to close it. I went 15 euro overdrawn in 4 months and whilst I've been away in UK they've closed the account and referred it to the Banque deFrance. I only know this is a kind french neighbour forwarded my post to me.

Firstly what does this mean? I am scared that they might now put me on a black list for 15 euro! I fully intended to close the account but forgot to go in and do it as I was run around trying to get into our house before we came to UK again for Summer.

Can I fix it by paying the 15 euro?

Anyone any experience of this? I'll ask my neighbur to open my post so I can see what the've sent but I worry I can hardly do anything to resolve this until end of August.

Please help if you have any advice or experience of what I need to do please share!


Can't help from personal experience, Suzanne, but if you Google interdiction bancaire you'll find a lot of info, most of it, I have to say, that I find confusing. The general thread seems to be that it only applies to dud cheques, which is not your case, so I don't know what the Banque Postale is playing at. So there's puzzling point number 1.

This link gives a brief run-down. It specifically says you won't be put on a blacklist for a few euros, so that's encouraging. If the Banque Postale didn't warn you that they were going to report you to the Banque de France then I believe they are in the wrong. Which, I know, doesn't help you sort out the immediate problem, but it's something to bear in mind.

Best of luck.

Thanks Terry. My friend went in today they've said as long as I settle the small debt there's no further action. Phew!!

Good news, Suzanne.