Help black cats improve their luck

Chats du Quercy is launching an annual Black Cat weekend, this year on 27th and 28th October, to encourage more people to adopt abandoned black cats and kittens.

We aim to raise awareness of the plight of black cats which tend to lose out on homes to more colourful cat varieties. Chats du Quercy currently has around 12 black cats in its care and says that homes are far less easy to find for black cats than other felines.

Some People are more taken with tortoiseshells, tabbies and other colours – with some still superstitious about black cats, but in many countries, black cats are seen as lucky! Although it’s obviously lovely to see other cats finding their forever homes, it’s sad to see any cat left waiting. Black cats make up about 25 per cent of abandoned cats and each one waits longer to be rehomed than the average cat.

To raise awareness, the charity is encouraging people to send them pictures and stories of their own black cats to eventually create a book that will be on sale in aid of Chats du Quercy.

Supporters are also being encouraged to share photos of themselves transformed into black cats on Chats du Quercy Facebook page. This is a call to get creative by dressing up, using face paints or wearing a black cat mask! To find out more, to see the cats and kittens needing homes, contact the charity on 05 63 94 73 97 or through their website

Photo below is of David, dressed for one of our fundraising events "Kool 4 Katz" held every year in November - see our website for more details

He is a funny little cow-cat Regina, I see what you mean, but give him time, once he is confident with you, he may even sit on your lap, but as you know, it can take months or years too! Best wishes and cuddles to them all!

…and playing with Tatou!

Will try again with my photos! I am uploading from my iPad and this is a bit complicated!

Our little newcomer seems to be a little boy. Unfortunately we can’t touch him yet, but we are working on it! :wink:
The first photo shows him after he picked up enough courage to come up the stairs, on the second one he is playing with Tatou and on the third one he is chilling with Mischief. He has a hell of a lot of respect of Bibi and gets out of her way as soon as he sees her!

So you have a little bit of black in there, can we see a photo of your gorgeous 'cow-cat' Regina? She sounds curious and intelligent to have found you!

I know, Lynn, but the little wild kitten from our shed has just adopted us and is growing into a beautiful white and black cow-cat! This brings the number of cats in our house to 4 and that is really enough!

We have many here Regina, but I know that you are a bit far away!

I never had a black cat, but always wanted to have one!!! My cats all chose me and I haven’t given up hope that one day a black cat will find its way into our home and hearts :slight_smile: !

I am so on this. My four cats are all black - just my luck - because each one came to me! Expect photos and text soon.

Black is beautiful.