Help! Can’t access cycling highlights

It is not a total catastrophe, as can watch French TV. But I quite like the ITV4 highlights programme and it has vanished!! It was there last year for the Tour…which was the last time we watched it.

We have a satellite dish aimed at Astra 28, plus a humax box. Most other channels absolutely fine but ITV 4 and 4+1 say no signal…

I am a total technophobe so don’t want to mess up by random button pressing.

Any helpful suggestions that I could understand and action?

Might be weather related. Or, what sometimes works is to unplug the box, leave for a few seconds before reconnecting.

Fret not… it’s not on till later…

Maybe @JaneJones secretly wants to watch the big fish🤫


Isn’t that a repeat of the previous day’s highlights Graham? We watched them last night.

No idea, I thought that was the purpose of the +1 channel…

The evening highlights are repeated at lunchtime the following day… Since I couldn’t get them last night I thought it was a blip. But no, cut off entirely.

Have done the unplugging everything and then a manual channels scan - but that is the extent of my competence.

Looks like Phil liggitt will have to manage without us this year.

I miss the Aussie coverage - it is really excellent, and far more in depth with nice cooking / local bits in between the racing. I watched it every day when we lived there and rarely catch any of it here! The difference being the time difference, it is on on winter evenings so everyone snuggles down and watches it!