Help CDS for minor?

Sorry I am pretty sure I have the answer in my head but struggling to find the law as just home from work and out early and son and hubby have an appointment tomorrow. I think I’ve even answered the question for someone else, and I know I discussed it with the Consul of the embassy in BX when I had lunch with her. Louis (16) is trying to get into a prigram but they are saying he can’t do work experience or work or get financial help previously promised without his own CDS as he is over 16. I’m sure under the WA this is not the case. Can anyone help?

I don’t think there is a form or process. But you have a WARP card? So I think you write to Préfecture asking for a CdS for the dependent of a WARP card holder. Enclosing your cards, his birth certificate, proof or residence, last tax return etc etc etc.

Edit and ask for recipissé so he can work

Rift seems to suggest 16 year olds who want to work do need to get one,

but then says

We have been made aware that some préfectures cannot or will not issue a CdS to a person aged 16 or 17 despite the decree as set out above. If this happens, please let us know via email to and we will inform the British Embassy who are working to resolve issues such as this.

So it seems as clear cut as ever,

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Thank you, I thought not needed but seems yes. I’ll call tomorrow!

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