HELP! Foot switch for lamp –Legrand 091174

Dear all
Sorry to be a bore, but I’m baffled.
The old foot switch broke, so bought a new one. LeGrand is a good make, I thought – rely on their prises, rallonges etc.
But now it’s arrived, I can’t work out how to connect it – or to be more precise, how to open it… The base has a slot at each side marked →OPEN, but I can’t work out what to do with them. Use a small screwdriver to push in? Wiggle?
Feeling stupid, but don’t want to break it!

Could you post the switch model number or some close-up photos please?

Aparantley it’s not straight forward!

Le boîtier est fermé par un couvercle clipsé.
Pour ouvrir, il faudrait avoir trois mains : deux qui introduisent des lames de tournevis dans les fentes en fléchissant les languettes et une troisième main pour séparer les deux moitiés du boîtier.
Pourquoi pas deux vis dans la base, comme on trouve le plus souvent et pour moins cher ?
Ou bien livrer l’article non fermé, montage facile et fermeture quasi définitive (comme - hélas - la plupart des smartphones, tablettes et ordinateurs récents, clipsés et difficiles à ouvrir)

These type of things have a click tab (that’s what I call them) that should be pushed in with a small flat screwdriver, normally from just one side.

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Thanks everyone.

Mark - that was what I was expecting, but the two slots didn’t seem to behave as single tab slots have in the past!
James - “not straightforward” is classic English understatement.

My third hand is very tired today and my octopus chums are still under confinement, so I’ve claimed a refund – not sure if it will need to be returned, Amazon don’t always want small low cost items back!

Thanks again.

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Because it has 2 slots…
Sorry I find others stuggling to do stuff I do naturally quite perplexing.

Thanks for adding the model number.

I have used that very switch. I inserted a flat-blade standard screwdriver in the small gap between the to and bottom parts then twisted the blade until the gap enlarged. I then moved the screwdriver a few cm around the circumference and twisted again. Repeat as required. By the time I was about ¾ of the way round, the top popped off.

Reassembly was a matter of applying firm downward pressure around the circumference - much like seeking a Tupperware container.

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