Help - hadopi got me!

I thought the hadopi thing had died a death (especially with the recent Dutch court ruling) but I just got a letter from them telling me that this is my second warning (they claim I had received an earlier warning by telephone - but I cannot recal this).

Is this some kind of scam or can anyone elaborate on how genuine this may be?

p.s. if you don't know what hadopi is, and you don't download films from the internet - then relax and read no further - you have nothing to worry about)



Try to find out whether somebody is using your identity (hard one but worth a go). Using you as a cover and not getting it in the neck as you are means they get away with it laughing and you get trouble, fines and whatever else sanctions they apply.

well the letter came from that address - and by recorded delivery.

It says that I was warned 'par proces-verbal' and gives the date. It also gives the email address to which a warning was given. (I never use that address so did not see it).

It asks for nothing other that I take measures to stop this violation.

So in all, I think it is genuine.

I will have to find out if using a proxy will still allow them to see me downloading.

Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) is overhauling the hadopi copyright protection now, but warnings are apparently still going out. The warnings only go out from Hadopi - Commission de protection des droits, 4 rue du Texel,
75014 Paris or the procurer's office in your department. Telephone does not even enter the equation. We used to do downloads until some of our friends got warnings from Paris then found out what it was all about. Then stopped doing it. Unfortunately, the public in general appears to have been so badly (or not) informed that it was and will probably remain a nasty little trap to fall into.

Yours seems to be a scam.

Hello Geoff,

I didn't know about hadopi - but it piqued my curiosity so I had to look it up. Hadopi IS still in existence but in the process of being phased out and its role taken over by CSA (can't remember what that stands for.

There is apparently a hadopi scam going on. It's highly unlikely (if not impossible) that any previous warning would've been by phone - a/c t'internet it's 3 written warnings then a condemnation at a tribunal.

What does the letter say? Is it asking for money and/or giving you a website to go to?

Yours nosily!