Help, help, help!

A very urgent call for help!
Someone has contacted me to say that a refuge in the southwest is about to accept a female dog about to give birth. As per refuge rules, they can only accept the adult dog so all pups will be euthanised at birth unless a foster family is found. This family has to look after her, supervise the birth and look after the pups. This poor girl is due any day now, so it’s very urgent!
An asso has offered their help, so we now need a safe place for her.
Please share…
And please, no negative comments about this procedure.

Can’t help… but hoping this turns out well for mum and the pups…

Thank you, Stella.

We saved our dog from being shot as the price of a cartridge was less than 100 euros for the SPA.
You don’t say where you are which would be helful.

The dog is a Brittany Spaniel and in a refuge (pound) in Cahors, as yet I don’t know which one

Thank you, Jane, but it does mention “south-west”.
Since then I can say that it’s near Cahors, if that helps.

Thank you, Ann. I didn’t know the breed.

No we are in Burgundy.
Good luck.

That’s OK, Jane. I’m a long way away myself! Thank you though.