Help - I'm having one of those I need a brandy moments

I just received a very heavy email into my inbox. It was the estimate for the geometre. It is almost 3000 euro to do the measurements of the existing property & house. The Geometre wants to do a full study of the house in 3D. I want the measurements of the building and land with location of wells & services. No frills service. I don't want 3D images thank you very much.

I've said as much now to the architect. I want another estimate and I want it cut down to the minimum - no frills just the necessities please.

The geometre wants 500 euro for the Topographique of the garden but first we must fell all the trees as it's currently like a jungle.

They want 2000 euros to do the plans of the existing building, openings and lovely 3D images of the house. I didn't have 3D images of my baby in the womb and that was far more interesting than the inside of a house I intend to dismantle. It feels like the Geometre has a new 3D toy and wants to try it out on every project whether there is a need for it or not.

God help me this project is going to be a right hassle and a half if every man and his latest shiny techno tool wants a big chunk of my budget.

Is it too early for that brandy?

Ah some good news - the architect has responded and asked the surveyor to redo the estimate without the garden, 3D images and without too much effort on the internal partitions etc. Well at least he acted appropriately on that. Will see what the revised estimate comes out at!

I know - it sounds like he's offering the rolls royce of surveys - I've calmed down now but oh my goodness i don't think this renovating thing is for the faint hearted when you get estimates like this! I might have expensive taste but I have a small budget and I'd rather spend it on the luxuries I can see & touch when it's finished not some shiny 3D images of the horridness that currently exists. Remind me to take some photos myself next week & you can see for yourself the delights of our lovely new abode :)

Do I need to comment? You need to get him down to a more realistic price or get him to quote on just the bits you want.

Good luck