Help, I'm in trouble!

Hopefully you can all help me out, today is Catharine's birthday and despite me having been fairly organised for once and ordered some nice things online, they haven't turned up yet, I am still praying that they may in the next 3 hours!

She has just gone to work and won't see this for a couple of hours, so if you could all do me a favour and wish her happy birthday in the comments below I may live to see another day!



For me it's a woman with a chainsaw. Now what is that noise in the wood barn right now?

my other half is very attractive and more so when he building something for home.

There is nothing more attractive than a man wielding a cordless drill!

I remember listening to a radio 4 interview with two guys (cannot remember names sorry) when they were discussing an article that said women find men that are good at DIY attractive even in our ‘liberated’ world when many women can perform these tasks themselves - the men where scornful of the findings, dismissing them as false, then they turned to ask the opinion of the interviewer (who was female), she hesitated, cleared her throat and announced an unmistakable yes, it’s true…well at least on her case.

well done James :) Looks fantastic! Like the mood lighting. Did you use a lighting system?

well done James, you worked hard on that.


Water saving too I reckon

Trick of the camera... I'm the biggest in the house at 168, but longer would be a better soak.

It's only 190 I think maybe even 180, came from Leroy Merlin. Get a longer one if you have space!

James, apart from the size, it looks a bit like the sh*thole we still have. The bath looks long in the new one, where did you get it? We're going for a complete renovation come what may in the pring, need to shop soon.

It is Carol, especially as this was the bathroom it replaced!

wow lovely place to have a relaxing bath, have a great birthday Catharine, enjoy it to the full.x

wow Catharine....fabulous bathroom...delighted to hear it was a lovely birthday....makes everything worthwhile eh? Happy Days xxx (Well done star!)

When I get a minute I will post the 'before' picture - it was horrific!

@ Nigel - you probably did - I seem to spend most of my time in Lidl! Make sure you say hello next time!

Lovely bathroom, can you spare the time to come and do the same at our house?!!! Thought we saw you in Lidl, Dax a couple of weeks ago but you left before we could speak to you. Anyway, have a very Happy Birthday and indulge yourself for as long as you wish!!

Happy belated birthday catharine bath looks divine

A very happy, but belated, Birthday Catharine. I am glad that you were thoroughly spoilt! Well done James :)

James clearly knows how to look after his woman :)