Help in finding cost of carte grise/cert.d'immatriculation

We are buying a new-ish car from a main dealer.
In drawing up the paperwork yesterday, there are prices of the car (ok); fuel (ok); prestations SIV (?)and carte grise.

Not sure about prestations (is it a pre-delivery service?)

But the carte Grise charge is €211,76 . I was surprised at this.

The car is a demonstrator.

When I got home yesterday I went online to check this carte grise charge. I cannot remember what site I went on (it was a govt. site) or how I found ‘the answer’ to be €2,76.

I did the simulation twice (changed one or two of the option choices) and got the same answer each time.

It just seems very strange at the two figures: 211,76 and 2,76

The car has CV of 5 and gives 97gm/km.

Can anyone please tell me how to get to this ?

Here in Cantal the “regional tax” would be 215,00 €, so the total is 221,76 €
Your department is 10 euros less.

The simulator is here:


Looks like you put the car in as a green fuel or hybrid car.
Without knowing the model it is difficult to tell but “normal” fuelled cars (petrol or diesel only) would be near the 211.76 mark.