HELP! Looking for a company who can assist with tv aerial system in hotel rennovation

Hi everyone

We are refurbishing some luxury rooms in our hotel but need to sort out our HOTEL TV requirements and if the aerial and wiring which is in place is sufficient for our needs.

Please can someone recommend a company ( We are in the Limousin Creuse area) for advising us on our TV wiring requirements. We want to have pay per view, booking system etc on all our tvs in the rooms so I just would like to know who to call who would deal with the in room entertainment sysytems.

I am having problems with finding a company who can move fast on this as it is holding up the refurbishments.

Thanks for your help!


Hi there. I used Digi TV Solutions (contact Stephen Marston). Tel: 0468 27 10 51. Website is Our requirements were much more simple, just install dish and cables, etc. for our Sky box. I found him prompt, efficient and reasonably priced. Best of luck. Sheila