Help me choose a colour!

My day of doing my own work on a Friday actually only lasted one Friday. It had to be put on the back burner for a while so that I was able to finish a few pergolas ready for Spring to really kick in however my suppliers have been slower than normal and left me with some time to get back onto my garden furniture project. So my first in the range is very near completion but I have yet to decide on a colour. Having had a few discussions with my wife about it we decided we needed some other opinions. Maybe a natural metal rust colour or possibly an antique cream, open to suggestions! Any ideas?

Hi, I thought i'd linked this before...great colour selector...basically for web safe colours.. But I have seen them with RAL convertors. Something to embed on your site? Interesting thought, a bespoke ' pick your own colour 'service'... small batch paint mixes, not OTT price-wise, I guess.

If the package is warrants a premium, a 'matching' or complimentary 'soft' furnishings choice would be great. I know someone who makes cushions..and calls up 'ink jet' runs to order.. ( at home ) the quality is astounding. see Jane Oliver

Hi, just done that..tok a look at your site, very nice stuff!

Hi Renny, Should have asked first, sorry. Happy to put a link on, lovely stuff, nice to see something hand crafted amidst a sea of ...well, you know what. I daresay this series would work just as well in the Conservatory.

No problem Ron. Put my website on it as well and ill be more than happy!

Ill love that colour Jeanette, I have some other work that would look great in that.

Hi Renny,

I have used your pic in this website. The Copyright is yours so if you wish me to remove it please let me know.


Ron Birks

Cream is fine ;)

verdigris, beautiful and a hot seller... like this

Nice. I imagine you will be taking pics on completion? This this to be a range, a product? I would be interested to hear if you will allow...'any colours' as a selling point?

Thank you Ron. It will be sprayed.

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ah ha! the Henry Ford choice! any colour you want as long as it's cream!

Lovely piece of work, Renny....spray or anodised?

Got it thanks Ron! Yes I made it myself and cream seems to be the preference and I have to say mine as well although I think I have an interested buyer who can have it at whatever colour they wish!

Hi Renny. I would have gone for red myself, pink is ok for parties. Flaming is another word for 'Spam' ( unsolicited advertising ). Yes a colour-way is a textiles' term for the suggested set of colours used in a design. Any object, is affected by local colour, not just reflected, ie A red will look redder, if shrouded in green, its complimentary. Don't know what to do if your put the bench on the decking? If you made it yourself, I would not spoil it...leave plain.

Hi Ron, Thanks for your interest and the time you've spent on the colours. I have to admit though you lost me n somewhat, I've haven't a clue even what a 'flame attack' is unless you mean your coming at me with a lit match and I'm not even sure what a 'colourway' is although I presume it's some ideas of colours for the bench? And I thought a Colourist was someone that works in a hairdressers, not from experience though I should point out, this hair is naturally dark. Happy to be enlightened and educated though! From a humble ironworker.

Hi Renny, a few colourways as promised

Hi, I have joined an outfit called Apt701 Hoping that you don't consider this a 'flame attack' but we are a new 'style' consultancy hungry for challenges. We would be more than happy to submit some 'colourways' to help you decide. A free of charge service for SFN ers. just let me know. Regards Ron

The creamy colouring ....DISTRESS on shabby chic is surely a paint effect on wood.

That is great but having it on too many things spoils the total effect.

I like matt black, or naturel, my Style Advisor Isobel Brookes thinks day-glow green loving the shabby chic look at the moment..nothing nicer than cream fact love cream coloured outdoor furniture...just painted all my wood furniture cream...looks even better when the cream starts to age...specially on metal..

Keep it as it is but it needs some nice cushions.

NOT so easy to find unless you pay generiously for them.

We have some chairs a little like this.