Help, my page is still in Greek Language

Can you help me get back the english page, and before you say “Oh just go to” remember all headings, descriptions in fact everything except posts are in Greek

@James is on the case…

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I need to know what browser/pc/device combination you are using and if it only happens on that machine, is it in English on your phone for example?

Well having spent some years in Greece lets see if I can sort this for you…

First click on your avatar (or photo) TOP RIGHT
now click * FAR RIGHT
this should open a new box…
click bottom box on the list (left hand side)
that in Greek should read something like Γλώσσα διεπαφής
Then choose your chosen language from box at the top

It is probably currently He (Hellenic)
so chose default or English…


Have come into this page via the Brexit petition and everything is in english, whereas if I log in then the problem starts. I will try your advice Haydn wish me luck :slight_smile:

The problem seems to be resolved I tentatively speculate, have just entered by search engine and this page is still in english. I really hope this is permernant and thankyou to who ever fixed the problem. :smile:

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