Help! Need cot and car seats

Hello everyone. Eldest daughter Lisa is coming to visit for a week with Ella (4) and Andrew (7 mths). I am wondering if anyone could donate/lend/sell me a cot and car seats. Alternatively, where can I get them here? I’m in the Aude (Lagrasse). Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Sheila.

Dear Mary

Hope you both are well, and that your visa application is progressing ok. I would like to thank you once again for your kind offer of car seat and cot. However, it turns out that Lisa can bring each child’s car seat as their hand luggage, and a neighbour who has gites had a cot which he has lent to us. However, thank you all the same. Hope to see you in September.

Kind regards


I was going to suggest this too, I’ve seen it advertised in BlahBlahBlah & it just shows what a good name Nicole has chosen as it stuck in my mind. Great idea.

So lovely to see this thread - the way people help each other is just one of the many things I love about SFN. Thanks ladies! Cx

Hi Sheila,
Please contact (sounds like Mariah). She is keeping our garden and lives in our town. Speaks excellent English. She will get the items for you once you coordinate with her. Please also return the items to her when you’re done with them.
Enjoy your family,
Best regards,

Thanks for that Mary. So sorry we didn’t get time to talk when we met in Lagrasse the other day. Yes, I would be pleased if we could borrow them. Lisa and the children are coming 11th to 18th June, so if that time frame works for you, please send me your gardener’s email and I can get in touch directly. Thanks and kind regards


Hi Sheila,
If you don’t mind picking up the car seat and cot in St. Jean de Barrou, we have both you may borrow. I can give you the email of our gardener and will contact her and tell her where to find both if you want them. We’re about 20 minutes from Narbonne. I am now across the pond until mid-August, otherwise I would bring them to you. Please let me know. Have a great visit, Mary

Thanks for that Pam.

Hi Sheila, You might like to contact Nicole Hammond Barriot whose website is:
Hope that this helps
Regards, Pam

Looks like someone’s found a real niche market!

Good luck

Hi Jackie

Thanks for swift response. I rang your friend and left message. Took a look at the website - what a great idea!


Thankis for that Andrew. They don’t arrive until 11th June, so I have a bit of time. Also see the reply from Jackie - it’s a great idea, isn’t it?

THanks Sheila

hi, my friend Nicole runs a business renting out such things - see she’s in the Herault. Good luck!

Sorry, too far away in the aveyron, may be in the hérault this weekend but not sure yet… bébé9, autour du bébé etc are good but often quite expensive. best, especially if it’s just for occasional use is one of the main supermarkets in Carcassonne - Leclerc, Inter etc. they all have them, usually about 40 euros for the basic one for Ella, as for Andrew they’re a bit more expensive as he’ll need something to protect him more. otherwise have a look on leboncoin in your area try this link :

as for a cot, same thing lit parapluie are good as you can take them anywhere.

I hope that helps a bit, bonne chance !