Help needed:Coco Amido propyl Betaine- free washing product

Hello to all

I´m looking for some help/advice on behalf of an ex-pat mum with a school-age boy whose eczema is badly affected by perfume and by the ingredient Coco Amido propyl Betaine which is found in practically all washing detergents. She´s tried the internet and various bio- and other shops in our region (Toulouse) but to no avail. I´ve just sent her a link to a soap-flake manufacturer, and wondered if any of the resourceful members on SFN had any other ideas? Many thanks in advance (and I will of course make her aware of the network as well :wink: ).


Thanks alot Jane - I´ll pass your tip on to her. Rx

I have just looked at my washing machine liquid. It is made by L’Arbre Vert and is called Lessive Concentree Au Savon Vegetal ECOLOGIQUE.
It does not seem to have the dreaded ingredient and also it is sans allergenes.
You can get in almost any supermarket.
It is also good for your fosse!