Help needed for ¨Déclaration Initiale CFE¨ please

I begun operation this year (Feb 1st). I do online marketing, therefore all is done from my laptop.

Here are the questions to which I am not sure what to answer

B1 - (2) : Effectifs: I am alone, should I enter 1 or 0
B2 - (5): Number of salaried employees during the year: Same as above, I am the only one and I am not taking any salary.
B2 - (10): Date of connection to the electricity: I am not the one paying the bills, the meter is not in my name. The connection must have been done years ago.
C: Nature du bien, superficie etc..: I work from my laptop, could be anywhere, kitchen table, armchair while watching TV, in a Macdonald, etc.. I have no particular room for that, no desk needed. Anywhere as long as I have an Internet connection. What should I answer?

Thanks a lot, this will be a great help.


you can try but it won't make any difference - there's a minimum forfait in each commune, used to be around the 200€ mark ;-)

My friend says she put 0 metres carré, as she is AE but is basically subcontracted by another company, and uses their offices. I was going to do the same...

That's okay Andrew, thanks anyway for all your help. Maybe someone will pickup my question and give me the answer.

Cheers and have a very Merry Christmas.


Sorry but I haven't got the form infront of me - I was an autoentrepreneur between 2009 and 2012 but since then I run a shop under a mainstream regime/company and pay the CFE without any form-filling as it was worked out ages ago/when it was created replacing taxe professionnelle.

Thanks for your help so far Andrew. I have a last question (hopefully):

Questions in C on form page 3

Do I have to answer most of the blocks on that page. They seem to repeat in some occasions. So to give you the details, I am occupying a flat of about 70 Msq free of charge. As I said I work on my laptop, I don't need a desk or a particular room, so you suggested to give them 4 Msq.

Do I have to answer questions 1,2,6,7,11,14,15 or just 20 and 21

Thanks very much Andrews. I have emailed the tax office 2 weeks ago with these questions and of course no reply yet, I phoned and I am on hold for ages, and time is running out.


That's really helpful, thank you again, its stopped the anxiety about finding 2k, we come under the threshold for the minimum payment of 500. Challenging enough.

for more info have a look here (in fact it's limited to 2030 € if your turnover is less than 100 000 €

Thank you Andrew!

from memory, I think the maximum cfe is about 2200 euros ;-)

I'm a little alarmed by this discussion because we have a residential yoga centre and the whole premises except our own bedroom and bathroom is used by guests. Our bill could be horrendous. How do those with gites and chambres d'hotes manage? Is there a separate category ( ever hopeful)

Thanks Andrew :)

B1 - 0

B2 - 0

Never been asked about the electricity connection. I'd put the 1st of Feb as that's when you started trading, i.e. no hassle for consumption/use of premises before that date.

C - 1m² (but they may question that! small office space of 4m² might be more realistic ;-)