Help Needed - How to apply for SFR Femto service

Perhaps I'm being a bit thick here, but can anyone advise me how to apply for the Femto cell/box/thingy with SFR?

I already have Fixed line Telephone, Tv, and Internet via an SFR Neufbox contract, and another contract for an SFR Mobile phone. However, the signal for the Mobile phone is non-existant within the house. Evidently, one can exchange the Neufbox to a more modern version than the one I have, and if asked for, you can be supplied with an add-on bit of kit (FEMTO CELL) which dramatically improves mobile reception within the confines of the property.

I asked at the local SFR boutique and they told me I must apply on-line. But I have scoured their (appalling) website, and I cannot find the appropriate page. There is a page which tells you what the FEMTO add-on actually does, but not how to obtain it.

Hopefully, there is someone out there with experience of this, and can point me in the right direction.

Hello Paul,

You must be very frustrated and furious - I know I was when I recently had a similar problem. We have no mobile phone network at our house, although the mobile works just fine when we get a couple of hundred meters away. Then our French neighbour told me he had solved the problem with a FemtoCell from Orange. We are with Virgin, which uses the SFR network. I got nowhere using the SFR or Virgin websites, so I sent a letter to our nearest Virgin shop explaining my dilemma. After about 2 weeks I had received no reply so I sent a chasing letter. A few days later I received an apologetic call to my landline from someone at the Virgin shop who informed me that they would send the SFR FemtoCell unit to me within 5 days. Sure enough it arrived swiftly with full instructions, and was easy to install. By the way, it was FREE! (My neighbour paid 90€ to Orange for his...).

So, there is something to be said for doing things the old-fashioned way, even in regard to new technology.

I hope you can now achieve the result as easily as I did.


Mel Anthony

Paul - definitely change mobile operator!!

Yep - the map shows that in your village you have excellent 4G+ and 3G+ coverage - some 'patches' outside the village. Problem with your mobile handset ? The maps are normally pretty accurate.

Yes - that may very well be Paul - but you need to check the mobile network coverage. I thought that was where your problem lay?? Click on either 'Vous êtes Client Mobile' or 'Le Réseau Mobile plus en détails' above the coverage map.

Now you come to mention it maybe it could, but functionally it doesn't have to I can assure you with 100% confidence

we now have the new version NB6 but I rather think it we had it before, ie with the old NB4. Anyway it's just a freestanding box with an ethernet cable, it doesn't FIT exactly

Not at all Steve - not sure why you would think that.....haven't you had friends / visitors come to your house and connect to your WiFi ?

Paul - you'll be able to use your SFR home WiFi with any device from any operator - it's just WiFi that anyone with a compatible device can connect to.

You can check SFR mobile network coverage here :

Funnily enough, and I hope I'm not struck down instantly (!), but I've always found SFR really helpful and efficient - I just wouldn't touch Orange!

have you tried calling 4055 i called yesterday to alter my sfr mobile abonement they were super efficient

I phoned them and explained the bad reception in the house and they sent it by return.

They did say to me if I didn't install it and get it up and running inside a month then i would have to pay something, but seeing as I needed it that was not a problem. And it solved the problem. Phone 1023

Paul surely your simplest option is to change mobile operator (assuming you're happy with your SFR Neufbox)!

Just make sure you change to someone with a strong mobile signal near your house. Be careful though - for example - Virgin use the SFR network so that's not good for you. Check out (no contract!) - they use the Orange network. You can always keep your existing number and your new operator will sort out the cancellation of your SFR mobile contract. Whole thing normally takes about 7-10 days and you can do it all online. Simple.

It's not really SFR's fault if you subscribed to a mobile phone package which has little or no signal near you - it's the first thing you should check!

twitter is a social media platform you can join for free... SFR has a SAV service on twitter where you can ask for help with problems it is in real time, and usually fairly immediate so you dont have to hang on the phone for ages

if you are on twitter then the sav service is very good


In the UK I had a Vodafone Mobile Sure Signal booster that only worked with my Vodafone sim equipped mobile.

I checked on & there is a Femtocell for Orange or SOSH whatever that is. offer mobile signal boosters that seem to involve an aerial on an outside wall that boost any signal received-think they may work differently to the first two named that I think use your internet connection.

I use Toggle Mobile on top up-you keep your UK number for calls from home & a French number for making & receiving calls. I get no signal in the house & apparently Toggle Mobile use the Bouyges network who don't make an internet signal booster.

My remedy is to use my mobile in the house to make calls using Skype although I can't receive calls on the mobile network, of course.

all sounds very familiar, I had a clé 3G when they came out years ago, on a good day it worked, on a bad day I lost work because it didn't. SFR always did the test on a good day so wouldn't let me unsubscribe, and to be honnest there was no other possibility at the time. Had loads of hassle with Alice (telecom italis in France) before that but that came down to the bad lines not the adsl. As for mobiles, just one of those things - check that orange cover the area well before changing. I'd also ask the bloke in the village how he got his femto. For the record, I agree that SFR have one of the worst sites going, no way is it user friendly! I've been with sfr for 8 or so years now, moved several times and things are generally OK. years with orange pro at work and no real difference except that orange pro fix things the same day or next day if it's late but the package costs twice as much!

just gone into my espace client sfr - i can't have it - if you go into services et accessoires you can click on the services available or ask for info. For Femto, I can only ask for info, no more than that. I presume that if that's the case it's because it isn't available to me and so i can't access the page to order one!

have a look here ;-)