Help needed urgently

Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong section but I need to ask for help and urgently, what I am about to ask with help for is, I appreciate not a nice topic, but I am facing the difficult decision within the next few days to have my cat put to sleep. He has been with me for almost 10 years now (he adopted me, as cats do). In our years together we have weathered many storms and always come out the other side, except now. He has FIV (we discovered he had this when we first took him to the vets as a stray all those years ago) and despite everything the vet has done over the years, my beautiful ginger boy has succumbed to this awful condition and when we left the vets this evening we agreed I would take him home for perhaps just a couple more days. When the time comes, the vet has agreed to come to the house and then I will bury my beloved boy in his favourite spot in the garden. I know this is a strange request but my partner is away in the UK working and there isn't anyone I can ask to dig the hole for me. I have the tools needed and I assure everyone that this is a genuine request for some help. I'm sorry if I'm rambling but I'm struggling to hold it together.

I am in the Creuse (Cheniers 23220), I would be very grateful for any help

Hello Dawn, what a sad time, sorry but we are also too far away.

Have you considered cremation, you can collect the ashes afterwards and then scatter them in his favourite place. Ask your vet, she will give you better information.

Our sympathies are with you at this sad moment. Bon courage.

I can't help, too far away, but I do know that burying you cat friends in the garden feels good. I do not know your circumstances but wonder if you could not try digging the hole yourself? It is hard work, you may get blisters. I have done it in the pouring rain, crying as I dug. But the effort feels like one last thing you are doing for your companion.

You have my sympathy.